Student Governance

The college has a vibrant and effective Student Union that bridges the gap between the students, faculty and administration of the college. It therefore ensures that all students’ concerns are aired and addressed.

The union provides an exciting, spiritual and eventful environment through the initiation and support of community projects/programmes, worship sessions, fetes, campus choice award ceremonies, beauty and cultural competitions among others. The members also actively support the sports’ programme and the clubs and societies.

Members are elected annually via a democratic electoral process. Students get a chance to hone their leadership, coordinating, decision-making and team building skills.

The executive of the Student Union for the 2017/18 academic year comprises of:

Fredrina Gray    President
Nicolene Gordon   Vice- President
Orraine Tobias   Vice-President (O/H)
Feleisha Campbell    Treasurer   
Phylicea Thorpe    Secretary
Vonette Lindsay    Assistant Secretary
Trisah Gordon-Edwards    Public Relations Officer
Travis Wilson   Sports & Extra curricular          Coordinator   (Male)
Khadijah Codrington   Sports & Extra curricular                     Coordinator (Female)
Daniellia Minto   Entertainment & Cultural                    Coordinator
Shawona Ballentine   Entertainment & Cultural                    Coordinator (O/H)
Sherday Phillips    Spiritual Life Coordinator
Natasha Smith    Spiritual Life Coordinator (O/H)