Office of Student Support Services

We know that your experience at Portmore Community College is more than just time spent in the classroom.

The mission of The Office of Student Services is to provide services and programs to assist students in achieving their academic goals while helping to support and promote personal development and quality of life outside the classroom. Our representatives of the office serve multiple roles throughout the office, such as advisors to student groups, chaperones for off-campus student trips, and several others that all promote a safe, yet fun environment for students to explore their interests through extracurricular activities.

Areas that fall under the supervision of the Office of Student Support Services include:

From “the College that Cares” to the community to the nation.

Portmore community college extends itself way beyond academics and into nation building. As a college we believe we can make a difference one heart at a time. Each year our student body is encouraged to:

  • contribute to the improved quality of life in the communities around Portmore Community College.
  • emphasize the value of learning through voluntary service.
  • make their mark in their community in their capacity as students and citizens
  • unite classroom teaching with real societal needs.

From its various activities the college has built very strong bonds with community outreach groups and other volunteer agencies and most importantly from community members whose lives are touched forever.

Guidance and Counselling

Career Development the Portmore Community college way; From start to finish and beyond

At Portmore community college we take a special interest in the human capital that enters and  leaves our doors. Through the Student Support Services Department, students are actively engaged in the process of learning to manage their career growth from as early as the recruitment stage right to after training. The institutions Human Relations and Professional Development (HRPD) programme is specifically designed to guide students in subject/programme selection, career research, and meaningful career planning to allow students to remain focused and make optimum use of their learning experiences while at the institution. All full time students in professional programmes are placed for a minimum of six weeks into jobs in the industry or sector for which they received training and informational and placement assistance is accessible to all graduates from the college.

Financial Advisement

The Portmore Community College is mindful of the challenges faced by students in adequately paying their tuition fees. The Students Support Services department therefore offers financial advisement to help students develop creative tuition payment plans and to help source needed  finances from different agencies to pay their tuition fees.

Work experience is designed to;

  •  provide learners with ‘hands-on’ experiences in a real world professional setting prior to completion of their degree program.
  • prepare learners for the rapidly changing social, economic and technological environment of the modern workplace and allow learners to translate theory into practice for professional growth and development.
  • expose learner to team-building, interpersonal, customer service, communication, decision-making and other work related skills.

Placement Services

  • One of the major support functions of the Portmore Community College is to partner with the business community in the training and employment of our graduates. As such, the College has instituted a Job Placement Programme which operates through the Students Support Services.
  • As part of its mandate, the Portmore Community College seeks to assist graduates and present students of the institution in finding employment and valuable work experience. The office also supports students in resume and cover letter writing, interview techniques and other job preparation skills.
  • The college functions to serve the community so persons who are not students nor graduates of the institution are also assisted in these areas.