The Portmore Community College Libraries have an impressive collection. The Joyce Robinson Learning Resource Centre on the main campus serves both students, trainees and staff of the Portmore Community College and the HEART College of Construction Services. Members of the community are also welcomed to use the library.



Remote access is available for our electronic resources if you are a valid Portmore Community College Student. The library provides a wide range of electronic resources, which includes access to thousands of full text journal articles from credible e-sources such as ebscohost, gleaner archives, springer and ebrary. The library also provides additional resources for educational support such as CDs; DVDs and Video Cassettes.

Online resource links:


The reference collection consists of dictionaries, textbooks, encyclopedias, periodicals and other materials. Members of our professional staff are available to help you with your queries and to ensure that your information needs are being adequately met. The Reference Collection throughout the library supports your reference needs. The Reserved Book Collection (RBC) contains resources covering our main programme offerings and texts specially recommended by our lecturers. Some of the material may be used in the library only. Others may be borrowed overnight.


The cyber centre has workstations from which users may access the Internet, Email and databases and also for carrying out simple Microsoft office applications.

The services we offer include:

Library Orientation/Training: All students and staff are invited to participate in the Internet, electronic databases, and search strategies training sessions held in the library throughout the year.

Reference assistance: In addition to acquiring, organizing and disseminating information the library has professional staff available on both campuses to assist users with their information needs. Users can access the services of a librarian during regular library visits as well via telephone and email.

Computer services: Both libraries have computers available for students’ use. These computers may be used for internet and database access. They may also be used for accessing Microsoft office applications and completion of assignments.

NB: Pornographic materials should NOT be viewed on the libraries’ computers

Reprographic Services

Main Campus

Photocopying and printing are done at the library for staff; whilst students are asked to go to the institution’s Document Centre for these services.

Other services offered at the Document Centre include:

  • Laminating:
  • Binding
  • spiral, comb and unibind
  • Colour printing
  • sale of stationery

Old Harbour Campus


Binding: The library offers spiral binding services to users free of cost. Users must however bring their own covers and spiral combs.


NB: All services are to be paid for at the institution’s administrative office.         

BORROWING BOOKS- Follow these steps

  • Search for item(s) on the online catalogue.
  • Fill out loan form for the item you want.
  • Give the completed form to the individual sitting at the circulation desk.
  • Wait for the library assistant to get the book (s) for you. – Students may borrow two (2) books on overnight loan from separate subject areas. – Books on Reading Room loan must be returned to the issue desk after 3 hours, while overnight loans must be returned the following school day. Users will be charged $30.00 per day for late return of overnight loans.
  • Present your ID card at the issue desk and collect materials.
  • Return material to the desk and collect your ID after use.


  1. Each student is required to carry his/her student identification card and  must produce this when required by authorized library personnel.
  2. ABSOLUTELY no eating or drinking is allowed in the library.
  3. No smoking is allowed in the library.
  4. All audio/video devices should be listened/watched with head/ear phones.
  5. Phones should be on silent or vibrate; conversations should be held discretely.
  6. No weapons allowed
  7. All bags and parcels must be checked in at the baggage area before students proceed into the library. The ticket received must be returned before baggage is released. Failure to return this ticket will result in the baggage being detained until ticket is produced or payment of $50.00 made.
  8. All valuables and ID cards are to be removed from your bags, before handing them in at the entrance. The library will not accept responsibility for items lost or stolen.
  9. Books must not be taken out of the library without permission from a library staff.
  10. Users must be properly attired; if not you will be asked to leave the library
  11. Do not remove or deface library furniture; you will be held responsible
  12. The library staff reserves the right to ask noisy or disorderly persons to leave the library.


MON —  THUR        ………………………… 8:00A.M. – 8:00P.M.

FRIDAYS                    ………………………… 8:00A.M.  –   7:00P.M.

SATURDAYS             ………………………… 11:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.


We can be contacted at:

Joyce Robinson Learning Resource Centre

Box 233 Waterford P.O.

St. Catherine

Tel. (876) 630-1770 ext.538-40


Old Harbour Campus Library

41 East Street

Old Harbour P.O.

St. Catherine

Tel. (876) 745-4702 ext.3226



In an effort to support the research and educational needs of its users, the library holds the vision that it will always seek to provide the required resources.


The mission of the Portmore Community College Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is to support the curricular goals of the college. By acquiring, organizing and providing quality resources, the centre intends to enhance the learning experience of its clients, in an effort to inform, enrich and empower users to become lifelong learners and productive citizens in a dynamic and global society.



The College Library known as the Joyce Robinson Learning resource Centre is a shared facility. Both the Portmore Community College and the Portmore HEART College of Construction Services are located on the same Compound and share the facility.

The College opened in February 1992 and within that same year a small library was established in one of the classrooms. Students who volunteered their services operated the library. However, following discussions between the Executive Director of HEART/NTA and the President of the Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica (CCCJ), a decision was taken to merge both collections into the Academy’s library. The merger of the two libraries and increase in the college’s population resulted in increased demands on the limited facilities and so in 1993 a task force was set up to advice on its expansion.


The College opened its first satellite campus in Old Harbour on the former premises of the OLD Harbour Primary School, at 41East Street in October 2001. In the same year a small room was designated for a library. The library was further developed in 2008 with financial assistance from the CHASE Funds.